Seasonal apple pressing, conditioning in oak casks, ancestral method fermentation


Our Story

For centuries in the Annapolis Valley, farmers have pressed apples and fermented the juice in cool cellars over many months as a means of preservation and to yield a diverse range of cider refreshments.

Building upon this rich heritage, BOARS BACK CIDER utilises native and selected wine yeasts to ferment pure apple juice in oak casks, for a natural taste that harkens back to years past.

Our Process

Each autumn, locally-grown apples are picked at their peak of ripeness and pressed using a traditional rack and cloth press to yield rich and natural apple juice. Awaiting tanks and oak casks are filled with the sweet liquid to undergo long-term cold fermentation in the cider shed.

After several months of cool and slow fermentation, the cider is bottled with a small amount of residual sugar remaining, allowing for the fermentation to continue in-bottle and yielding a naturally sparkling cider.

Dry, force carbonated ciders are also produced by blending cask-aged ciders of one, two, or more years.


Cox Orange

Boars Back Cider embraces the essence of Annapolis Valley apples and rich heritage of farmhouse cider making.